Welcome and thank you for your interest in the programs offered by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation. Here you will be able to submit an application for your desired program. 

  • Scholarship Program - The Scholarship Program is one of the oldest of the Foundation's programs dating back to the establishment of AOTF in 1965. In the early 1980s, AOTF expanded the program to include partnerships between individual state associations and AOTF to grant scholarships on their behalf. The founders specified that AOTF scholarships be offered only to students enrolled in accredited academic occupational therapy programs and established the timetable on which the scholarship program operates. AOTF accepts applications once a year. Scholarships available for academic years are announced in the fall of each year, and applications are accepted through late fall. A Scholarship Selection Committee, comprised of volunteer occupational therapy practitioners and educators, reviews all applications and recommends scholarship recipients.
  • Intervention Research Grant - The purpose of this grant program is to lay the necessary groundwork for larger intervention studies and support the profession's Centennial Vision of occupational therapy as science-driven and evidence-based. The intent of the IRG program is to provide seed funding for the development of new and/or novel ideas in order to generate preliminary data as proof of concept. 
  • Health Services Research Grant - examines how people get access to health care, how and what care is delivered, the cost of that care, and what happens to patients as a result of receiving or not receiving care.  Specifically, HSR is a multidisciplinary field that studies how social factors, financing systems, organizational structures and processes, health technologies, and personal behaviors affect access to health care, the quality and costs of health care, and ultimately, the health and well-being of health care consumers. 
  • Implementation Research Grant - The Implementation Research Grant program will focus on topics such as: Identifying barriers to implementation, testing methods to breach those barriers, measuring performance within a practice setting and determining how excellence in performance might be projected to other practicing settings, determine methods to adapt an evidence-based intervention to suit the needs of setting and how those changes might affect key outcomes, determining how to scale up smaller pilot research studies into larger health systems, determine how to more efficiently deliver evidence-based practice in the practice setting, and develop and evaluating tools  that facilitate shared decision making to enhance patient-centered care.  

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